abrt-retrace-client man page

abrt-retrace-client — Handles the communication with Retrace server.


abrt-retrace-client <operation> [options]


This tool is able to communicate with Retrace server: create a new task, ask about task’s status, download log or backtrace of a finished task.

Integration with libreport events

abrt-retrace-client can be used as an analyzer for application crashes which dump core.

Example usage in report_event.conf:

EVENT=analyze analyzer=CCpp



Creates a new task. Prints task ID and password to stdout. Either -d or -c is required.


Prints task's status to stdout. Both -t and -p are required.


Prints finished task's log to stdout. Both -t and -p are required.


Print finished task's backtrace to stdout. Both -t and -p are required.


Runs all operations in one step: creates a new task, periodically asks for status (the period is specified by --status-delay option) and downloads the result when finished. If the task was successful backtrace file is saved, otherwise log is printed to stdout. Either -c or -d is required.


-v, --verbose

be verbose

-s, --syslog

log to syslog

-k, --insecure

allow insecure connection to retrace server

--url URL

retrace server URL


(debug) show received HTTP headers

-d, --dir DIR

read data from ABRT problem directory

-c, --core COREDUMP

read data from coredump

-l, --status-delay

delay for polling operations (seconds)


(debug) do not delete temporary archive created in /tmp

-t, --task ID

ID of the task on server

-p, --password PWD

password of the task on server


· ABRT team


03/16/2017 abrt 2.10.1 ABRT Manual