abrt-cli man page

abrt-cli — List, remove, print, analyze, report problems


abrt-cli [--authenticate] COMMAND [Command Options]

abrt-cli list [-vn] [--detailed] [--since NUM] [--until NUM] [DIR]…

abrt-cli remove [-v] DIR…

abrt-cli report [-v] [--delete] [--unsafe] DIR…

abrt-cli info [-v] [--detailed] [-s SIZE] DIR…

abrt-cli status [-vb] [--since NUM]

abrt-cli process [-v] [--since NUM] [--unsafe] DIR…

Global Options

Enable PolicyKit authentication to be able to work with the system problems

Command Options

Be more verbose. Can be given multiple times.
-b, --bare
Print only the problem count without any message
Show detailed report
Remove PROBLEM_DIR after reporting
List only not-reported problems
--size SIZE
Text larger than SIZE bytes will be shown abridged
--since NUM
Selects only problems detected after timestamp
-u, --unsafe
Ignore security checks to be able to report all problems
--until NUM
Selects only the problems older than specified timestamp