abrt-action-perform-ccpp-analysis man page

abrt-action-perform-ccpp-analysis — Allows users to select acceptable way of core dump analysis


abrt-action-perform-ccpp-analysis [-h] [-d PROBLEM_DIR]


This tool allows user to select between local and remote core dump analysis. The local analysis may require to download huge amount of data but is completely safe. On the contrary the remote analysis only needs to upload the core dump to retrace server but the core dump may contain security sensitive data.

Integration with ABRT events

abrt-action-perform-ccpp-analysis is used in the analyze step when processing C/C++ crashes

EVENT=analyze_CCpp analyzer=CCpp


-d, --problem-dir PROBLEM_DIR

Problem directory [Default: current directory]

-h, --help

Show help message



06/16/2017 abrt 2.10.3 ABRT Manual