abrt-action-install-debuginfo man page

abrt-action-install-debuginfo — Install debuginfos for build-ids


abrt-action-install-debuginfo [-vy] [--ids=BUILD_IDS_FILE] [--tmpdir=TMPDIR] [--cache=CACHEDIR[:DEBUGINFODIR1:DEBUGINFODIR2…]] [--size_mb=SIZE] [-e PATH]


Installs debuginfos for all build-ids listed in BUILD_IDS_FILE to CACHEDIR, using TMPDIR as temporary staging area. Old files in CACHEDIR are deleted until it is smaller than SIZE.


Be more verbose. Can be given multiple times.
Noninteractive, assume Yes to all questions
Path to file with list of build ids. Default: build_ids
Path to tmp directory. Default: /tmp/abrt-tmp-debuginfo-RANDOM_SUFFIX
Path to cache directory. Default: /var/cache/abrt-di
Default: 4096
Download only specified files