abrt-action-analyze-vulnerability - Man Page

Provides assessment of potential exploitability of crash




This tool expects that file named coredump is placed in the current directory and runs abrt-gdb-exploitable gdb plugin on that file. The result of vulnerability analysis is saved in exploitable file in the current directory with information about the likely crash reason and exploitable rating (see the Exploitable Rating section bellow). If the exploitable rating is between <0-3> no output is generated and the tool silently exits with 0 exit code.

This tool requires both gdb and eu-readelf executables placed in PATH. If any of the required programs is missing the tool silently exits with 0 exit code.

Exploitable Rating

Exploitable rating is a score (on scale 0-9) given to a coredump based on the likely reason the program crashed and whether or not it could have been due to a potentially exploitable security issue. Lower numbers are reserverd for reasons that are highly unlikely to be security issues (0-3) while higher numbers (4-9) are reserved for potentially dangerous crashes. Higher scores do not automatically mean security problems but they can help with debugging the issue and assessing its severity.



02/19/2024 abrt 2.17.5 ABRT Manual