abrt-action-analyze-vmcore man page

abrt-action-analyze-vmcore — Extracts the oops message from the kernel core and install the kernel debuginfo if needed


abrt-action-analyze-vmcore [-v] [-d PROBLEM_DIR] [--tmpdir=TMPDIR] [--cache=DIR1[:DIR2]]


The tool reads the file named vmcore from a problem data directory, processes it and the oops message from it. Then it saves this data as new element backtrace.

Integration with ABRT events

abrt-action-analyze-vmcore can be used as an analyzer for critical kernel crashes which dump core.

Example usage in report_event.conf:

EVENT=analyze_VMcore analyzer=vmcore


-d DIR

Path to a problem directory. Current working directory is used when this option is not provided.


Be more verbose. Can be given multiple times.


Path to vmcore to analyze (Default: ./vmcore)



06/16/2017 abrt 2.10.3 ABRT Manual