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abrt-action-analyze-oops - Man Page

Calculate and save UUID and duplicate hash for a problem data directory DIR with kernel oops.


abrt-action-analyze-oops [-v] [-d DIR]


The tool reads the file named backtrace from a problem data directory, parses it as a kernel oops record and generates a duplication hash and a universally unique identifier (UUID). Then it saves this data as new elements duphash and uuid.

Integration with ABRT events

abrt-action-analyze-oops can be used to generate the duplication hash of a newly discovered kernel oops.

EVENT=post-create analyzer=Kerneloops   abrt-action-analyze-oops


-d DIR

Path to a problem directory. Current working directory is used when this option is not provided.


Be more verbose. Can be given multiple times.



06/09/2024 abrt 2.17.5 ABRT Manual