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abilint - Man Page


abilint — validate an abigail ABI representation

abilint parses the native XML representation of an ABI as emitted by abidw.  Once it has parsed the XML representation of the ABI, abilint builds and in-memory model from it.  It then tries to save it back to an XML form, to standard output.  If that read-write operation succeeds chances are the input XML ABI representation is meaningful.

Note that the main intent of this tool to help debugging issues in the underlying Libabigail library.

Note also that abilint can also read an ELF input file, build the in-memory model for its ABI, and serialize that model back into XML to standard output.  In that case, the ELF input file must be accompanied with its debug information in the DWARF format.


abilint [options] [<abi-file1>]



Dodji Seketeli


May 16, 2024 Libabigail