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ZydisDisasm - Man Page

disassemble files


ZydisDisasm machine_mode [input_file]


ZydisDisasm allows you to decode X86 & X86-64 assembly files, dumping the disassembled instructions to stdout. With no input_file argument, ZydisDisasm will read input from stdin.


ZydisDisasm supports four different machine modes


real machine mode


16 bits machine mode


32 bits machine mode


64 bits machine mode


$ ZydisDisasm -64 input.hex
and byte ptr ds:[rbx], dh
and byte ptr ds:[r14], r14b
xor eax, 0x20453220
xor byte ptr ds:[rax], r12b
xor r12b, byte ptr ds:[rax]
xor r12d, dword ptr ds:[rax]
xor al, 0x38
and byte ptr ds:[rax], dh
xor dword ptr ds:[rax], esp
xor al, 0x20
cmp dword ptr ds:[rax], edi
and byte ptr ds:[rdx], dh
and byte ptr ds:[r8], sil
xor dword ptr ds:[rax], esp
xor byte ptr ds:[rax], dh
and byte ptr ds:[rax], dh
xor byte ptr ds:[rdx], cl

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