SvtAv1EncApp - Man Page

manual page for SvtAv1EncApp 0.8.6


SvtAv1EncApp <options> -b dst_filename -i src_filename



Show usage options and exit

-i,  --input

Input filename

-b,  --output

Output filename


Error filename

-o,  --recon

Recon filename


Stat filename

Encoder Global Options

-w,  --width

Frame width

-h,  --height

Frame height

-n,  --frames

Stop encoding after n input frames


Buffer n input frames


Change verbosity of the output (0: no progress is printed, 1: default, 2: aomenc style machine parsable output)


Do not print out progress, if set to 1 it is equivalent to `--progress 0`, else  `--progress 1`


Set encoder color format(EB_YUV400, EB_YUV420, EB_YUV422, EB_YUV444)


Bitstream profile number to use(0: main profile[default], 1: high profile, 2: professional profile)


Stream frame rate (rate/scale)


Stream frame rate numerator


Stream frame rate denominator


Bit depth for codec(8 or 10)


Bit depth for enc-dec(0: lbd[default], 1: hbd)


Set hierarchical levels(3 or 4[default])


Set prediction structure( 0: low delay P, 1: low delay B, 2: random access [default])


Enable high dynamic range(0: OFF[default], ON: 1)


Limit assembly instruction set [0 - 11] or [c, mmx, sse, sse2, sse3, ssse3, sse4_1, sse4_2, avx, avx2, avx512, max], by default highest level supported by CPU


number of logical processors to be used


Allows the execution to be pined/unpined to/from a specific number of cores

The combinational use of --unpin with --lp results in memory reduction while allowing the execution to work on any of the cores and not restrict it to specific cores --unpin is overwritten to 0 when --ss is set to 0 or 1. ( 0: OFF ,1: ON [default]) Example: 72 core machine: 72 jobs x -- lp 1 -- unpin 1 36 jobs x -- lp 2 -- unpin 1 18 jobs x -- lp 4 -- unpin 1


Specify  which socket the encoder runs on--unpin is overwritten to 0 when --ss is set to 0 or 1

Rate Control Options


Rate control mode(0 = CQP , 1 = VBR , 2 = CVBR)


Target Bitrate (kbps)


Overwrite QP assignment using qp values in QP file


Path to Qp file


Maximum (worst) quantizer[0-63]


Minimum (best) quantizer[0-63]


Set adaptive QP level(0: OFF ,1: variance base using segments ,2: Deltaq pred efficiency)


VBV buffer size


Datarate undershoot (min) target (%)


Datarate overshoot (max) target (%)


Recode loop levels

Twopass Options


Multipass bitrate control (1: first pass, generates stats file , 2: second pass, uses stats file)


Filename for 2 pass stats("svtav1_2pass.log" : [Default])


Number of passes (1: one pass encode, 2: two passes encode)


CBR/VBR bias (0=CBR, 100=VBR)


GOP min bitrate (% of target)


GOP max bitrate (% of target)

Keyframe Placement Options


Intra period interval(frames) (-2: default intra period , -1: No intra update or [0 - 2^31-2]; [-2-255] if RateControlMode >= 1)


Intra refresh type (1: CRA (Open GOP), 2: IDR (Closed GOP)[default])

AV1 Specific Options


Encoder mode/Preset used[-2,-1,0,..,8]


Offline packing of the 2bits: requires two bits packed input (0: OFF[default], 1: ON)


Number of tile rows to use, log2[0-6]


Number of tile columns to use, log2[0-4]

-q,  --qp

Constant/Constrained Quality level


When RC is ON , it is best to set this parameter to be equal to the intra period value


Disable loop filter(0: loop filter enabled[default] ,1: loop filter disabled)


CDEF Level, 0: OFF, 1-5: ON with 64,16,8,4,1 step refinement, -1: DEFAULT


Enable the loop restoration filter(0: OFF ,1: ON ,-1:DEFAULT)


Self-guided filter mode (0:OFF, 1: step 0, 2: step 1, 3: step 4, 4: step 16, -1: DEFAULT)


Wiener filter mode (0:OFF, 1: 3-Tap luma/ 3-Tap chroma, 2: 5-Tap luma/ 5-Tap chroma, 3: 7-Tap luma/ 7-Tap chroma, -1: DEFAULT)


Multi reference frame levels( 0: OFF, 1: FULL, 2: Level1 .. 9: Level8,  -1: DEFAULT)


Set look ahead distance


RDO based on frame temporal dependency (0: off, 1: backward source based)


Enable motion field motion vector( 0: OFF, 1: ON, -1: DEFAULT)


Use the same md results(mode, residual , cost,etc..)as the previously processed identical block(0: OFF, 1: ON, -1: DEFAULT)


Enable spatial sse full loop(0: OFF, 1: ON, -1: DEFAULT)


Enable over boundary block mode (0: OFF, 1: ON, -1: DEFAULT)


Enable new nearest near comb injection (0: OFF, 1: ON, -1: DEFAULT)


Enable nsq table (0: OFF, 1: ON, -1: DEFAULT)


Enable frame end cdf update mode (0: OFF, 1: ON, -1: DEFAULT)


Select chroma mode([0-3], -1: DEFAULT)


Disable chroma from luma (CFL) flag (0: OFF (do not disable), 1: ON (disable), -1: DEFAULT)


Enable warped motion use , 0 = OFF, 1 = ON, -1 = DEFAULT


Enable global motion (0: OFF, 1: ON [default])


Enable intra angle delta filtering filtering (0: OFF, 1: ON, -1: DEFAULT)


Enable interintra compound (0: OFF, 1: ON (default))


Enable paeth (0: OFF, 1: ON, -1: DEFAULT)


Enable smooth (0: OFF, 1: ON, -1: DEFAULT)


OBMC Level(0: OFF, 1: Fully ON, 2 and 3 are faster levels, -1: DEFAULT)


Enable RDOQ (0: OFF, 1: ON, -1: DEFAULT)


Enable filter intra prediction mode (0: OFF, 1: ON [default])


Enable intra edge filter (0: OFF, 1: ON, -1: DEFAULT)


Enable picture based rate estimation (0: OFF, 1: ON, -1: DEFAULT)


Set predictive motion estimation level(-1: default, [0-5])


Set bipred3x3 injection (0: OFF, 1: ON FULL, 2: Reduced set, -1: DEFAULT)


Enable compound mode(0: OFF, 1:ON[AVG/DIST/DIFF], 2: ON[AVG/DIST/DIFF/WEDGE], -1: default)


Use default motion estimation/hierarchical motion estimation settings(0: OFF, 1: ON[default])


Enable hierarchical motion estimation(0: OFF, 1: ON)


Enable hierarchical motion estimation Level 0 (0: OFF, 1: ON)


Enable hierarchical motion estimation Level 1 (0: OFF, 1: ON)


Enable hierarchical motion estimation Level 2 (0: OFF, 1: ON)


Enable the rectangular and asymetric block (0: OFF, 1: ON)


Set search area in width[1-256]


Set search area in height[1-256]


Set screen content detection level([0-2], 0: DEFAULT)


Set intraBC mode (0: OFF, 1: ON slow, 2: ON faster, 3: ON fastest, -1: DEFAULT)


Enable high bit depth mode decision(0: OFF, 1: ON partially[default],2: fully ON)


Set palette prediction mode(-1: default or [0-6])


Allow motion vectors to reach outside of the picture boundary(O: OFF, 1: ON[default])


Inject pictures at defined frame rate(0: OFF[default],1: ON)


Set injector frame rate


Enable speed control(0: OFF[default], 1: ON)


Enable film grain(0: OFF[default], 1-50: ON, film-grain denoising strength)


Set altref level(-1: Default; 0: OFF; 1: ON; 2 and 3: Faster levels)


AltRef filter strength([0-6], default: 5)


AltRef max frames([0-10], default: 7)


Enable the insertion of an extra picture called overlayer picture which will be used as an extra reference frame for the base-layer picture(0: OFF[default], 1: ON)


Stat Report


Enable intra angle delta filtering filtering (0: OFF, 1: ON, -1: DEFAULT)


Two passes encode

SvtAv1EncApp <--stats svtav1_2pass.log> --pass 1 -b dst_filename -i src_filename SvtAv1EncApp <--stats svtav1_2pass.log> --pass 2 -b dst_filename -i src_filename

Or a combined cli

SvtAv1EncApp <--stats svtav1_2pass.log> --passes 2 -b dst_filename -i src_filename


February 2021 SvtAv1EncApp 0.8.6