Singular - Man Page

manual page for Singular for version 4.x.x


Singular -- a Computer Algebra System (CAS) for polynomial computations.

ESingular: starts-up Singular within emacs.

TSingular: starts-up Singular within a new terminal


Singular [options] [file1 [file2 ...]]

ESingular [options] [file1 [file2 ...]]

TSingular [options] [file1 [file2 ...]]


-b --batch

Run in batch mode (requires --link/--MPhost/--MPport)

-c --execute=STRING

Execute STRING on start-up

-d --sdb

Enable source code debugger (experimental)

-e --echo[=VAL]

Set value of variable `echo' to (integer) VAL

-h --help

Print help message and exit

-p --profile

Collect profiling data in smon.out

-q --quiet

Do not print start-up banner and lib load messages

-r --random=SEED

Seed random generator with (integer) SEED

-t --no-tty

Do not redefine the terminal characteristics

-u --user-option=STRING

Return STRING on `system("--user-option")'

-v --version

Print extended version and configuration info


Allow one to fetch (html) help pages from the net


Display help in BROWSER (see help.cnf)


Automatic answer for CTRL-C prompt


Set defaults for running within emacs


Log all input to LOGFILE.*


Do not load `standard.lib' on start-up


Do not execute `.singularrc' file(s) on start-up


Do not display warning messages


Suppress all output


Restricted mode: prohibit shell escape commands and links


Do not display times smaller than SECS (in seconds)


maximal number of CPUs to use


maximal number of CPUs to use for threads

#flintthreads maximal number of threads to use in flint library

Use PORT number for connections


Use HOST for connections


Use LINK for connections


Sets unit of timer to TICKS per second


Display the version-tuple and exit

For more information, type `help;' from within Singular or visit or consult the Singular manual (available as on-line info or html manual).

See Also

The full documentation for Singular is maintained as a Texinfo manual.