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R2spec - Man Page

Automatically generates RPM spec file for R libraries.


R2spec -p <package name>
R2spec -u <url to sources>
R2spec - s <path to sources file>


This tool generate RPM spec file for R libraries according to the Fedora guidelines for R packaging. These guidelines are available at: https://fedoraproject.org/wiki/Packaging/R


This program generates spec file for R libraries for Fedora.

R2spec -p <package name>

It will browse the configure R repositories for this specified package name. If found, the package will be downloaded, extracted, the information contained in the sources are read (especially those contained in the Description file). The sources are then removed from the current working directory (unless specified otherwise). Finally the spec file is writen to the filesystem using the information collected.

R2spec -u <url to sources>

This alternative expects directly an URL for the sources of the R packages. R2spec will try to fill the spec as best as possible from the information collected.

R2spec -s <local sources>

This alternative uses local sources. The sources are copied to the sourcedir as defined by rpm. They are then extracted and the spec file generated.


-p / --package

The name of the package to search in the main repositories collected.

-u / --url

Direct URL to the source of the R package.

-s / --sources

The sources of the R package present locally on the filesystem.


Enforce the download of the sources even if they are present on the system.


Do not remove the sources once extracted.


Enable to specify a repository for a local package.


Name of the packager to use in the spec file.


Email of the packager to use in the spec file.


Provides a some detailed output of what's going on.


Provides much more information on what's going on, including errors when they occur.



User configuration file for R2spec, allows to specify user name and email to be used in the spec file.


The configuration file for the R repositories.


Template used to generate the spec file.


 Pierre-Yves Chibon <pingou@pingoured.fr>

No known bugs at this time