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OliveTin - Man Page

Give safe and simple access to predefined shell commands from a web interface.


Use case: Safely give access to commands, for less technical people;


eg: Give your family a button to podman restart plex


eg: Give junior admins a simple web form with dropdowns, to start your custom script. backupScript.sh --folder {{ customerName }}


eg: Enable SSH access to the server for the next 20 mins firewall-cmd --add-service ssh --timeout 20m

Use case: Simplify complex commands, make them accessible and repeatable;

eg: Expose complex commands on touchscreen tablets stuck on walls around your house. wake-on-lan aa:bb:cc:11:22:33


eg: Run long running on your servers from your cell phone. dnf update -y


eg: Define complex commands with lots of preset arguments, and turn a few arguments into dropdown select boxes. docker rm {{ container }} && docker create {{ container }} && docker start {{ container }}


Configuration is at: /etc/OliveTin/config.yaml

Start the service like this: systemctl start --now OliveTin

By default the web interface will be accessible on port 1337.