M2 - Man Page

start Macaulay2, a software system for algebraic geometry research.


M2 [option ...] [file ...]


The command M2 starts Macaulay2, which is a software system devoted to supporting research in algebraic geometry and commutative algebra.



print this brief help message and exit


print no backtrace after error


display full copyright messasge


do not enter debugger upon error

--debug n

debug warning message n by signalling an error


don't handle interrupts


notify when loading files during initialization and when evaluating command line arguments


print no input prompts


don't use readline


don't load the Core


don't start any additional threads (or tasks)

--prefix DIR

set prefixDirectory

--print-width n

set printWidth=n (the default is the window width)


as first argument, interpret second argument as name of a script implies --stop, --no-debug, --silent and -q see scriptCommandLine


no startup banner


exit on error


TeXmacs session mode


print version number and exit


don't load user's init.m2 file or use packages in home directory

-E '...'

evaluate expression '...' before initialization

-e '...'

evaluate expression '...' after initialization

See Also

The documentation for Macaulay2 is available locally starting in ${prefix}/share/doc/Macaulay2/Macaulay2Doc/html/index.html, where ${prefix} is replaced by the directory prefix used when the package was installed.  The directory is available as the value of the Macaulay2 variable prefixDirectory, but the best way to get to the documentation is to run the command viewHelp in Macaulay2.

The home page for Macaulay2 is http://www.math.uiuc.edu/Macaulay2/.


Macaulay2 is written by Daniel R. Grayson and Michael E. Stillman with generous support of the National Science Foundation, for which we are grateful.