GPSsmooth - Man Page

send NMEA-formatted GPS data to a FlightGear instance


GPSsmooth --help | --file file_name [--hertz hertz] [--host hostname] [--broadcast] [--fdm-port port] [--ctrls-port port]


GPSsmooth is a utility that reads a text file containing GPS data in NMEA format, parses it and sends it to a FlightGear instance for replaying.



Display usage information and exit.

--file file_name

Read GPS data from file_name. This option is mandatory if --help is not specified.

--hertz hertz

Specify the frequency to use for sending data to the FlightGear instance. By default, events are sent at a frequency of 60 Hz.

--host hostname

Send the data to the FlightGear instance running on hostname.

If --host is not specified, the default is to send the data to localhost.


Send flight data model and control data as broadcast packets.

--fdm-port port

Set the port flight data model data should be sent to. By default, data is sent to port 5505.

--ctrls-port port

Set the port control data should be sent to. By default, data is sent to port 5506.

Exit Status

GPSsmooth exits with 0 on success, with -1 if the syntax of the command-line arguments is wrong or an error occurs.

See Also

fgfs(1), MIDGsmooth(1), UGsmooth(1)

Referenced By

MIDGsmooth(1), UGsmooth(1).

2017-06-04 FlightGear man pages