FvwmBanner - Man Page

the Fvwm Banner module


Module FvwmBanner

FvwmBanner can only be invoked by fvwm. Command line invocation of the FvwmBanner module will not work.


FvwmBanner displays an Fvwm Logo in the center of the screen for 3 seconds.




Nothing interesting.


FvwmBanner can be invoked by the command 'Module FvwmBanner'. This can be bound to a menu or key-stroke in the .fvwm2rc file, but more likely you would do this in the StartFunction or InitFunction, for example:

AddToFunc InitFunction "I" Module FvwmBanner

You can also give it an optional file parameter, like 'FvwmBanner doomface.xpm' or specify an alternate default pixmap via configuration options (see "*FvwmBanner: Pixmap" below). Fvwm will search the ImagePath to find the image, or you can use the full path to the image.

Configuration Options

*FvwmBanner: NoDecor

Tells FvwmBanner to create a window that Fvwm will not manage and not decorate.

*FvwmBanner: Pixmap file

Tells FvwmBanner to display file instead of the built in pixmap.

*FvwmBanner: Timeout sec

Tells FvwmBanner to display for sec seconds instead of default of 3 seconds.


Robert Nation


19 October 2022 (2.7.0) Fvwm Modules