CMCResponse - Man Page

Used to parse CMC responses returned from CMC issuance or revocation requests.


CMCResponse [Options]


The Certificate Management over Cryptographic Message Syntax (CMC) Response parsing utility, CMCResponse, provides a command-line utility used to parse and present CMC responses from CMC issuance or revocation requests.

It takes the CMC response returned from the CA as input, parses, and shows the content of the response along with CMC status in a human-readable format. In addition, it can optionally output the response in PKCS#7 PEM format for further processing by other tools.


The following are supported options.

-d path

Path of directory to the NSS database. Defaults to '.' (the current directory).

-i path

Name of file (could include path) for the CMC issuance or revocation response. This option is required.

-o path

Name of file (could include path) to store the certificate chain in PKCS#7 PEM. This is optional.


If specified, will run in verbose mode, which would entail all certs in the chain being displayed individually in Base64 encoding format.
   It is false by default.


$ CMCResponse -d . -i cmc.resp -o cmc.pem

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CMCEnroll(1), CMCRequest(1).

March 14, 2018 PKI CMC Response Parsing Tool