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BitchX — The Ultimate IRC Client


BitchX [-aAbBcdfFHilLnNpPqrvxZ]


BitchX is a VERY heavily modified ircII client.  It includes many things such as built in CDCC (XDCC) offering, built in flood protection, etc.  It is easier to script things in BitchX because unlike plain, vanilla ircII, half the script does not have to be devoted to changing the appearance of ircII.  It also includes many other new features, such as port scanning, advanced TCL, a CD player, a mail client, screening process, etc.

BitchX - Based on EPIC Software Labs epic ircII (1998). Version (BitchX-1.0c18) -- Date (20010108).



Adds default servers and command line servers to server list.


Do not display the startup ansi.


Load .bitchxrc or .ircrc after connecting to a server.


Force BitchX to fork and return you to a shell. pid check on.

-c <channel>

Joins <channel> on startup.


Runs BitchX in "dumb" terminal mode.


Your terminal uses flow controls (^S/^Q), so BitchX shouldn't.


Your terminal doesn't use flow control (default).

-H <hostname>

Uses the virtual hostname if possible.


Ignores your autojoin entries.

-l <file>

Loads <file> in place of your .ircrc.

-L <file>

Loads <file> in place of your .ircrc and expands $expandos

-n <nickname>

Nickname to use


Do not auto-connect to the next server.

-p <port>

Default server connection port (usually 6667).


Toggle check pid.nickname for running program.


Does not load .ircrc or .bitchxrc.

-r <file>

Load <file> as list of servers.


Tells you about the clients version.


Run BitchX in "debug" mode.


Use NAT address when doing dcc.



uses many environment variables to configure the client.  These can be set by editing your ~/.profile or ~/.bash_login (if you're using a /bin/bash shell) and adding “export VARNAME="var value"”.  Or, if you are using the tcsh shell you can set these by editing ~/.tcshrc and adding  “setenv VARNAME "var value"”.  Below is a list of variables.


sets the default IRC nickname. eg, export IRCNICK="mynick"


sets the default username to use.  If not set, it uses a default value of "unknown" - This will only work under NON-UNIX operating systems.


same as USER


sets the virtual hostname to use.


same as IRCHOST


sets the name that appears in the "realname" field on your /whois.  The default value is "* I'm to lame to read BitchX.doc *".


sets the default IRC server to use.


sets the default IRC port to use.  Usually 6667.


sets the path from which files are loaded.  Default is ~/.BitchX/


sets your default usermode.  Default is "+iw"


sets the filename to be used in place of ~/.bitchxrc or ~/.ircrc


sets the BitchX library path (Used for some small example scripts).


sets the name of the IRC server list that is loaded before any other lists.


sets your CTCP FINGER information.



Loaded by BitchX when it is started.


If ~/.bitchxrc is not there, this file is loaded on startup instead.


Contains a list of IRC servers to cycle through.


System-wide configuration dir.


Personal configuration file.


Default random real name.  NOTE: Must be copied from /usr/local/lib/bx/


Personal BitchX display formats.


Default random kick messages.  NOTE: Must be copied from /usr/local/lib/bx/


Default random quit messages.  NOTE: Must be copied from /usr/local/lib/bx/


BitchX help file.


Screen storage for a detached BitchX session.


You can always download the newest version of BitchX by joining #BitchX on EFNet and typing "/offers" in the channel window.  To check what the latest version is type "!explain latest" and the bot will tell you.  You can also ftp to to get the latest client, scripts, tcl objects, documentation, and many other useful items.  You can also point your browser to for some more things.


Please report all bugs to an op on #BitchX on EFNet, e-mail panasync or send an e-mail to the mailing list.

Mailing List

There is a BitchX mailing list, to subscribe simply send an e-mail to: with only the words "subscribe BitchX" in the body.  You will receive another mail to confirm this and once you have replied you can post to the list by sending e-mail to This is a helpful place for bug reports

Man Page Original Author

Wichert Akkerman <>


Robert Durdle - Dragoon@EFNet <>

dialtone <>

BitchX Author

Colten Edwards <>


Responsible for ports to other OS's

Brian Smith <>



March 22, 2001