AusweisApp2 - Man Page

Online identification with German ID card (Personalausweis)


AusweisApp2 [options]


-h, ā€‰--help

Displays help on commandline options.


Displays help including Qt specific options.

-v, ā€‰--version

Displays version information.


Keep logfile.


Disable logfile.


Disable default log handler.


Show window on startup.


Ignore proxy settings.

--ui <qml,webservice,websocket>

Use given UI plugin.

--port <24727>

Use listening port.

--address <,::1>

Use address binding.

--qmljsdebugger <value>

Activates the QML/JS debugger with a specified port. The value must be of format port:1234[,block]. "block" makes the application wait for a connection.

--platform <platformName[:options]>

QPA plugin. See QGuiApplication documentation for available options for each plugin.

--platformpluginpath <path>

Path to the platform plugins.

--platformtheme <theme>

Platform theme.

--plugin <plugin>

Additional plugins to load, can be specified multiple times.

--qwindowgeometry <geometry>

Window geometry for the main window, using the X11-syntax, like 100x100+50+50.

--qwindowicon <icon>

Default window icon.

--qwindowtitle <title>

Title of the first window.


Sets the application's layout direction to Qt::RightToLeft (debugging helper).

--session <session>

Restores the application from an earlier session.


May 2023 AusweisApp2 1.26.4