AirInvClient - Man Page

ZeroMQ-based client binary, mainly used to test the server mode of AirInv


AirInvClient [--prefix] [-v|--version] [-h|--help] [-b|--builtin] [-f|--for_schedule] [-i|--inventory <path-to-inventory-input-file>] [-s|--schedule <path-to-schedule-input-file>] [-o|--ond <path-to-ond-input-file>] [-y|--yield <path-to-yield-input-file>] [-t|--protocol <server network protocol>] [-a|--address <server host address>] [-p|--port <server host port>] [-l|--log <path-to-output-log-file>]


AirInvClient is a small program sending and receiving simple JSON-formatted messages to the ZeroMQ-based server (AirInvServer). The aim of that client is to test that the AirInv server is up and running, and that it receives and sends JSON requests.

AirInvClient does not accept any option for now. Do not hesitate to contribute!

See Also

airinv(1), AirInvServer(1), airinv-config(1), airinv-library(3)


Please report any bugs to

Referenced By

airinv(1), airinv-config(1), airinv-library(3), airinv_parseInventory(1), AirInvServer(1).