9wm - Man Page

rio-like Window Manager for X


9wm [ -border ] [ -cursor cursor ] [ -version ] [ -font fname ] [ -term termprog ] [ -active color ] [ -inactive color ] [ exit|restart ]


9wm is a window manager for X which attempts to emulate the window management policies of Plan 9's rio window manager.

9wm is click-to-type: it has a notion of the current window, which is usually on top, and always has its border darkened. Characters typed at the keyboard go to the current window, and mouse clicks outside the current window are swallowed up by 9wm. To make another window the current one, click on it with button 1. Unlike other X window managers, 9wm implements `mouse focus': mouse events are sent only to the current window.



Shrinks the size of window borders to be more like Plan9.

-cursor cursor

Sets the cursor to one of two custom Plan9-style cursors: v1 or blit. Use this option for maximum authenticity.

-font fname

Sets the font in 9wm's menu to fname, overriding the default.

-term termprog

Specifies an alternative program to run when the New menu item is selected.

-active color

Sets the color of the active window border, which defaults to black.

-inactive color

Sets the color of the inactive window border, which defaults to white.


Prints the current version on standard error, then exits.


Is not completely compatible with rio.

There is a currently a compiled-in limit of 32 hidden windows.

See Also

9term(1), xterm(1).