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4glpc - Man Page

Aubit 4GL compiler


4glpc sourcefile.type [...] [options] executablename.4ge
4glpc sourcefile.4gl -c -o objectname.o
4glpc sourcefile.4gl -o executablename.4ge


The 4glpc compiler is really just a wrapper around the 4glc, gcc, and esql/c compilers. The idea is that the type of each file passed on the command line is determined, as well as the output object type, and the relevant compilers are called in stages to generate that output. For example:

4glpc myprog.4gl -o myprog.4ge



Passed directly to the C compiler (specifies where libraries
        will be found)


Specify the output file


Compile only - no linking


Just generate the .c file


Passed directly to the C compiler (specifies where include
        files can be found)

-G,  --globals

Generate the globals map file

-S,  --silent

No output other then errors

-V,  --verbose

Verbose output (-V1.. -V5 for increasing levels of verbosity)

-N name, --namespace name

Prefix all functions with name (default aclfgl_)

-n,  --noprefix

Remove any prefix from function names (= -N '')

-v,  --version

Show compiler version and exit

-f,  --version_full

Show full compiler version and details

-h,  -?,  --help

Show this help and exit

-t TYPE, --lextype TYPE

Output language, TYPE=C(default), EC, or PERL

-td TYPE, --lexdialect TYPE

Specify the output language dialect for ESQL/C generation

-k,  --keep

Keep intermediate files (default)

-K,  --clean

Clean intermediate files when done

-s[01], --stack_trace [01]

Include the stack trace in file:
        0-Don't generate 1-Generate(Default)


Compile with shared libraries


Compile with static libraries


Don't really compile (ignored for now)

-d dbname, --database dbname

Specify an alternative database name to use for compilation
        (note ignores that specified in the .4gl)

-4,  --system4gl

Used internally - Ignores any clashes with builtin
        library names


Generate an unload file with some 4GL code metrics


Generate a shared library as the output type


Compare file times and only recompile where required
        (very simplistic)

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17 Aug 2022 1.0 4glpc man page