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4glc - Man Page

Aubit 4GL compiler


4glc [options] -oOutFile.ext file.ext [file.ext ...]


Aubit 4GL source compiler 4glc is generally invoked using the 4glpc wrapper. It can be involked directly:

4glc <filename>.4gl

For historic reasons, the 4glc compiler can also compile most modules to an executable. In order to do this the 4glc compiler uses the normal C compiler and passes unknown options on to it e.g.:

4glc file.4gl -c -o file.o
4glc -shared file.4gl -o file.4ge
4glc -static -echo file.4gl -o file.4ge
4glc -debug file.4gl -o file.debug
4glc -map -echo file.4gl
compiles to an object file rather than a linked executable

It is now best practice, unless there is a very good reason otherwise, to not call 4glc directly as all, and to invoke it via the 4glpc compiler instead.


 -o[outfile] name output file
 (no flags) compile to C only

 (no flags) compile to Perl only

Other options:
 -G, --globals
  Generate the globals map file

 -S,  --silent

No output other then errors

 -V,  --verbose

Verbose output

 -N name, --namespace name

Prefix all functions with name(default 'aclfgl_')

 -v,  --version

Show compiler version and exit

 -f,  --version_full

Show full compiler version and details

 -?,  --help

Show this help and exit

 -t TYPE, --lextype=TYPE

Output language, TYPE=C(default) or PERL

 -k,  --keep

Keep intermediate files (default)

 -w,  --keep-warn

Keep warnings output file [.warn](default=do not)

 -K,  --clean

Clean intermediate files when done

 -s0|1, --stack_trace 0|1

Include the stack trace in file

 -h,  --as-dll

Make -o by linking all resulting object into shared library

 -H,  --shared

Compile each input object into shared object (.so/.aso/.dll)

If 'outfile' was not specified, it is generated from first 4gl file name specified. All options that are not recognised, are passed to C compiler, if -c -o -d or -l was specified.

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17 Aug 2022 1.0 4glc man page