4Pane man page

4Pane — a detailed-view quad-pane file manager for GTK+


4Pane [-d <str>] [-c <str>] [-h] [Display from this filepath (optional)...]


This manual page documents only 4Pane´s rarely-used invocation options (generally you'll just type '4Pane').
A detailed manual is available from within 4Pane, either from the help menu or by pressing F1; and also online at http://4pane.co.uk


-d, --home-dir=<str>

Use <str> as the home directory (optional)

-c, --config-fpath=<str>

Use this filepath as 4Pane's configuration file (optional. If the filepath doesn't exist, it will be created)

-h, --help

Show a summary of options


4Pane was written by David Hart <david@4pane.co.uk>.

This manual page was written by David Hart <david@4pane.co.uk>, (but may be used by others).


October 27, 2007